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The Fletcher Sports Timeline....

1936 - The business was founded by Mr Dick Fletcher but was originally called "A Spot for Sport".

1940 - The shop closes due to the war

1945 - Dick Fletcher returns to the premisis, which was looted by the Germans during the war, to find nothing left.

1946 - We Celebrate our 10th Birthday...with not alot of cake due the the war.

1961 - We Celebrate our 25th Birthday

1963 - Dick Fletcher (along with Keith Tostevin) personally write to the St Peter Port Traders to suggest that Christmas lights be erected around St Peter Port during the Christmas period. He asks for chritable donations to be made in order to fund them

1964 - After Dick's suggestion the first lights are erected, and Father Christmas turns them on, on the 4th December.

1970's - Fletcher Sports adopt 'Fred' the mascot, with the slogan 'A Spot For Sport' (The business' original name).

1980's - During the Early 80's, Terry Ferbrache begins working for Fletcher Sports

1986 - We Celebrate our 50th birthday!

Mid 1980's - An American company called Nike arrive in the UK to sell trainers. As a result of Nike showing Terry the new "Air" trainers, Fletcher Sports become only the 3rd business in the UK to stock Nike shoes.

Early 1990's - Terry wanted to ensure Fletcher Sports remained a family run business as it always had been, and he along with his wife Trudy decided to buy the business

Late 90's - Terry's son Scott begins working in the business, part time, along with his younger brother Ben.

00's - Early in the new millennium and only a couple of years after Terry brought the business, the shop has an electrical fault, and during the night a fire breaks out destroying all of the stock in the building.

00's - Immediately after the fire, the premises came up for sale. Terry wasn't going to let anyone else move in, so he decided to make the purchase of the building so Fletcher Sports could remain open.

2004 - Not wanting to be left behind, Fletcher Sports set up their own website.

2005 - Fletcher Sports set up the The Guernsey FA Cup and for the first time in local football history, Saturday and Sunday league football teams can play in a competition against the then Priaulx, Jackson and Railway league teams.

2008 - Fletcher Sports have a hand in the development of local Cricket, and help set up the Indoor Cricket Centre and subsequently put a small cricket shop in the premises.

2009 - Scott completes University, and returns to the business to work full time.

2009 - Fletcher Sports expand further by purchasing an Embroidery machine, and set up an embroidery department run by Terry's son Scott, and Hazel Tostevin who between them have nearly 30 years of embroidery experience.

2009 - Fletchersports become the only Nike Teamwear account in Guernsey and subsequently help Rovers to kit out their entire setup.

2011 - We celebrate our 75th Birthday!

2011 - Ben too completes University, and after playing cricket in Australia for 6 months, returns to the business.

2011 - Fletcher Sports moves again...but this time not around the Arcade as it has done 3 times previously. Instead the shop in St Sampsons located in the middle of the Bridge moves to the Southside, and into premisis twice the size.

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