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Are you looking for a new career?

Have you considered the retail industry?

"But retail isn't a 'proper' job!" IS IT ????

What is a proper job?

Something where you sit at the same desk, next to the same people, doing the same task day-in day-out? That sounds like fun, doesn't it?

You only have to work for the next 40+ years...so why should you do a job that is fun? I'll tell you why...because you WILL spend more time at work in your waking life than you will almost anything else!!

Research has estimated we will spend 80,000+ hours at work in our lifetime...and less than 3,000 laughing!

Here at Fletcher Sports we spend 80,000 hours laughing...whilst at work!!

Retail is different every day, involves you thinking for yourself, and means you get to speak to someone other than the bloke sat opposite you!

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