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Fletcher Sports Tries Rugby

by Ben Ferbrache March 06, 2018

Fletcher Sports Tries Rugby

Always fancied yourself a bit of a rugby star? Well, last week we threw our very own Kai in at the rugby deep end and he joined Guernsey’s own Guernsey Raiders at one of their practice sessions!

Keen footballer, Kai decided to switch posts and tackle a rugby practice with the Guernsey Raiders. The team are always in our shop picking up new bits of kit and replacement for items looking a bit tired from all the wear and tear - so what better way to find out what the team (and our kit!) really go through then by joining a training session? Not for the fainthearted, the team were not going to let Kai get away with observing from the sidelines!

Watch our video to check out the team and Kai in action, hear from the players and even see drone footage of their practice!  

It was fantastic for us to get behind the scenes and find out just how hard our Guernsey Raiders work. The physio was on the sidelines making sure the players where in peak condition and key to the training session was communication. The players were constantly talking and shouting to each other on the field, adjusting positions and making sure they moved as one. They worked together as an impressive unit and we could see exactly why they do so well on game days!


Dont forget you can get all your official Raiders kit at Fletcher Sports both in-store and online 




Ben Ferbrache
Ben Ferbrache

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