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FS Brand Manager Ben Ferbrache talks about exciting developments in teamwear

Fletcher Sports has developed its own teamwear brand, which has grown massively since its launch. FS Brand Manager Ben Ferbrache gives a taste of the brand following his recent visit to the factory.

So how did it all start out?

I remember it quite clearly back in 2014 after having the frustrations of branded teamwear having a life span of 2-3 years before it changes and clubs being left short. We had the brainstorm of finding a factory to produce quality sports clothing.


What sports do you supply?

We started out with netball and grew from there we now supply cricket, football, hockey, tennis, softball, volleyball, basketball and rugby. We have also supplied dance schools, bowls clubs and even cycling kit.


What products do FS currently make?

We currently make sport-specific items such as netball dresses, cricket shirts and football kits to name a few however we also offer Midlayer tops, athletics vest, tapered tracksuit bottoms, shorts, skorts and leggings.


With these products in mind are they standard off the shelf products?

Not at all, we have after a few years of trial and error and feedback changed the fit of our kits to be more in line with the current athletic fit. We have also sat down with the design team and added features to certain items to make them a much better fit such as adding a gripper on the under short of a skort to stop them from riding up, adding toggles to a water repellent Midlayer and adding a Lycra stretch gusset in our shorts to make them stretchier for gym work and day to day use.


What local clubs do you supply?

We now supply more than 25 football, netball, basketball, cricket, softball and volleyball teams with their all-important kit. We also supply Guernsey Cricket with their kit in international cricket tournaments and Guernsey Panthers juniors and seniors with their kit to play in the South of England netball league.


What about the logo?

The logo has been the last thing to change to bring in a more modern feel to the brand, at first the logo was just the letter fs, it then evolved to fs in a circle and it has now evolved into fs with the sphere surrounding the logo. This was just to give the brand a fresh look and really show we want to grow this.


Are there any new products on the horizon?

Absolutely, for Christmas we got in tapered training pants, tapered water-repellent tracksuit bottoms, Midlayer training tops, training shorts, specific netball/hockey skorts with undershort gripper to keep them in place, men’s briefs, men’s jammers and ladies’ swimsuits and winter Midlayer jackets. All of these items have been exclusively designed by Fletcher Sports.


What’s the future plan?

In the future we wish to grow the links we currently already have and supply all local sports team with top quality sports goods at affordable prices whilst being bespoke to each club.


Do you only supply adult teams and clubs?

Not at all, we have recently supplied Avril Earl Dance school with crop tops, muscle back vests, leggings and midlayers right the way down to age 3-4. Along with this we have also supplied various schools with sports kit.

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  Ben Ferbrache


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