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by Fletcher Sports March 10, 2020

Spotlight on...


Getting involved in a new sport or activity can be daunting. Whether you played a sport at school and want to try it again, or you are trying an activity for the first time, our series putting the 'Spotlight on' a range of activities should help you along the way. We've been in touch with various people from a range of sporting backgrounds, starting with St Pierre Park's personal trainer, Josh Davies. 

How long have you been going to the gym?                                    

11 years, including a mixture of weightlifting, CrossFit and endurance running.

What was your initial motivation to pursue exercise as a career?                    

To guide others and prove that they can aspire to always ask more of themselves. Once you see the difference you can make in a person’s life through exercise alone, it becomes more than just a career.

What is your pre-gym ritual? 

Simple, trainers on, headphones in, music blaring…go!

Working in a gym must have its highs and lows… what are these for you and how do you remain positive?

Coming to work is nothing but a joy, I have a great team of staff, members and clients around me daily. What is it they say? Find a job you love and you’ll never work a day in your life. Very cliched but true.

What is your go-to training outfit?

Running shorts, a comfortable T-shirt and my ever-faithful Nike Turbo 2s.

What is the one piece of advice you give to everybody you train?

Get outside your comfort zone, you might just surprise yourself. The scariest thing is to say you didn’t try.

Do you notice if your workout clothes are high-end/low-end? Does it affect your performance?

I can tell if I am wearing ‘cheaper’ running shoes. It’s worth investing in shoes that are suited for your sport, it’ll reduce the risk of niggling injuries.

Tell us your most embarrassing story from in the gym!

I was doing box jumps, misjudged it, barrel rolled off the side landing on a dumbbell! We’ve all been there right!?

How do you reach your personal best?

I chip away at my goals a little each day, some days are better than others, but they all serve towards improving - the personal bests will follow.

If you could train/ be trained by anyone of your choice, dead or alive, who would it be?

I have a love for endurance running so to train with the master Kilian Jornet would be unforgettable.

What would your advice be to someone who has neglected exercise for a long time? Any words of encouragement to get involved?                                 

It’s never too late to start, find something that gets you up and out of the house and just keep at it. There are countless activities on island, find one you enjoy and get stuck in!  

 If you fancy getting into the gym, Fletcher Sports has a large range of trainers, running shoes and clothing. Come and speak to one of our experienced sales assistants who will help get you kitted out. You can shop online and collect in store too. To find your perfect pair of running shoes click here

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