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by Blue Horizons Collaborator July 14, 2020

Spotlight on...


Getting involved in a new sport or activity can be daunting. Whether you played a sport at school and want to try it again, or you are trying an activity for the first time, our series putting the 'Spotlight on' a range of activities should help you along the way. We've been in touch with various people from a range of sporting backgrounds, here we speak to Andy Privett about his 50 years experience of playing tennis. 



How long have you been playing tennis?

50 years!


Why tennis? What was your initial motivation to pursue it as a career?

My mother played tennis and I really enjoyed playing. I started coaching to give me some income and found it enjoyable so carried on.

The reality of being a full-time player/coach must have its highs and lows, what are these for you?

Seeing someone I coach improving and learning to play a sport for life, it gives me as much pleasure for the game as I have. However, the days can be long and physically demanding.

What is your go-to training gear?

Good quality tennis shoes are imperative.


What is your favourite feeling that comes from coaching?

The enjoyment of running around hitting balls – I am so lucky this is what I do for a living!


What is your pre-match ritual?  What pumps you up?

Queen – Don’t stop me now

What would your advice be to someone who has neglected sport for a long time? Any words of encouragement on how to get involved?

Tennis is a very social sport and reaches all demographics, having a couple of lessons will give you some confidence. Don't feel disheartened to play as your coach can help you find others of similar ability to play.

Do you notice if the clothes you wear affect the quality of your gamed?

Modern technology has really improved fitness wear in general, some tennis shirts absorb sweat and don’t cling which is a bonus. 

Tell us your most embarrassing story from on the court!

In my early days I tried to bounce my racket on court and catch it but it bounced up and gave me a nosebleed – much to the amusement of the crowd!

Do you have a lucky charm? A lucky tennis ball perhaps?

My lucky shirt.

If you could play against anyone of your choice, dead or alive, who would it be?

Bjorn Borg or Roger Federer.

Do you have a signature move/ victory dance?

No, my wife would divorce me!!

What would your advice be to the next generation of tennis players?

Tennis is a game for life, people still play well into their 80’s, you will make great friends. Tennis is also good for discipline, being assertive, dealing with setbacks – all great life skills.

  Fletcher Sports have a wide range of gear from rackets to shorts; just ask and our team will be happy to help you through the process and recommend the best suited essentials to you. If tennis is something you are thinking of taking up, get in contact with the Guernsey Tennis Club and they'll suggest your best options. 

Blue Horizons Collaborator
Blue Horizons Collaborator

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